Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our New Food Menu!!

As some of you might already know, we've added a few dishes and redesigned our food menu.
Come check it out! :)

Cold Small Bites / Hot Kitchen

Grill / Sushi & Sashimi

Rice & Noodle / Desserts

Monday, January 9, 2012

Thursday, December 1, 2011

News Updates So Far

Apr 15, 11
Updated the specials!
Now we have roasted ducks, steamed veggies, and oysters!!
Feb 06, 11
Updated the specials menu
Available under "Month's specials menu" in pdf
Feb 04, 11
Added the Udon & Rice Bowls
Now available in pdf format under "Udon & Rice Bowl Menu" our udon noodle and rice bowl menu items.
Jan 16, 11
Updated the specials menu.
Now we have grilled black cod in saikyo miso!
Check out the Food Menu for more!
Jan 15, 11
Open Sundays
Now we are open on Sundays!
6pm-11pm(10pm kitchen closes)
Sep 23, 10
Added Maruten Udon Facebook Fan Page
Added our Udon/Donburi(rice bowls) restaurant's facebook link.
Check out our picture menu!
Sep 21, 10
Updated food and drink menus
Now we have a pictured menu in pdf!Check it out!
Aug 03, 09
Added content "Media Coverages"
From "Zen Evolution TV - Lifestyle, culture and peace.".
Check our explanation for sake and shochu.
Aug 14, 08
New Drink List and updates on our webpage
We will begin our new drink list starting sometime around next week.
Also, I already updated the web menu list to the new ones.
I know the photos of the new sakes and shochus look kinda funny, but I will fix it soon.
Feb 26, 08
New Drink list
Now we have a new drink list.
We also have few selections on our specials menu so that
we can introduce new sakes more frequently.
Jan 01, 08
Happy New Year!
We would like to thank you for your relationship with us.
This year is a year of improvement for us to keep our quality experience.
We will have changes in foods and drinks as we have always had.
We hope this year will be a year of innovation for us, and we hope this year will be a
great year for you.
Thank you for your relations with us, and we hope to welcome you with our irasshaimase soon.
--Sasaya Staff Members--
May 22, 07
Change in Sake and Shochu list!
Again, we have changed our drink list!
This time, new in our list are Kizan(sake), Ishitsuchi(sake),Shirouma Ishitsuchi(unfiltered sake),
Ayamurasaki Hozan(sweet potato shochu), Kurokirishima(sweet potato shochu), the macallan 12yrs(scotch),
and Yamazaki 12yrs(japanese whiskey). Also, our sake sampler has changed due to change in our sake list.
Dec 13, 06
New Sakes and New Sake Sampler!
Starting today, there will be new sakes on the list. Nanbubijin Tokubetsu Junmai Nama, which is
an unpasteurized sake. Very fresh sake that is great for the winter. Another one on the list is
Onikoroshi Tokubetsu Junmai Nama, which is also an unpasteurized sake, and it's a very smooth sake.
Both of these are seasonal sake, so this season is the best time to try!
Oo, I almost forgot to note out, but the sake sampler has changed. It includes Akita Issui Junmai, Tenmei Daiginjo, and
Nanbubijin Tokubetsu Junmai. I chose these sake, because they are very good sake especially during the winter, and matches
winter dishes like nabe, sabamisoni, etc. Well, that's about it folks!
Hope to see you at our restaurant!
Dec  8, 06
New Shochus!
New arrivals on shochu list!
Iichico and Sudachi chu are up on our latest shochu list.Sorry, the website isnt updated yet,
but we will be updating soon...and be prepared for new sake that is going to be on our sake list sometime next week.
Sep 28, 06
Sake Tasting Event!
We will be having a sake tasting event on Oct 5, 17:30-20:30.
Every one is welcome to join in. Call 310-477-4404 for presale ticket($8) reservation!
Aug 24, 06
New Sake list!
We now have new sakes in our list! Kamenoo junmai, Fukukomachi daiginjo, Fukukomachi daiginjo,
and Sakurafubuki junmai daiginjo! Also try our new Kikusui honjozo cup sake, which is a recent
trend in Japan!
Aug 24, 06
New Cocktails!
We now have Soho lychee liquer, Zen green tea liquer, and Midori melon liquer in response to
our customers' voices.
Aug 24, 06
New Sake Sampler!
Along with the change in our sake list, we now have a new sake sampler: Mizuno Shirabe ginjo,
Fukukomachi daiginjo, and Chiyomusubi junmai. The theme for our new sake sampler is "Jizake,"
which means sakes favored by the regions. Try our new sake sampler, and enjoy your new flight!
Aug  1, 06
Sasaya Website is open!
Welcome to Sasaya's new web site!
Come on in and see all the wonderful sake and Japanese home-style dishes.
We will have updates on up-coming tasting events and when we add more alcoholic delicacies.